Detailed insights for better attainment of learning objectives

Good tools help improve everyday activities in Norway’s schools. In the past it took several days for the school to register the pupils’ scores after taking mapping tests on paper. Now, the data is ready as soon as the tests have been completed. This frees up a lot of time teachers can spend on planning and customizing lessons instead.

Building insights to better adapt teaching

Conexus Engage tracks pupil progression in basic skills, as well as in the different school subjects. The individual pupil’s development over months and years is readily accessed through the tool, which makes it easier to set learning objectives in consultation with both pupils and parents. Data on the individual pupil is collected through diagnostic tests, standardised assessments and methods for deep learning.


“Conexus Engage is invaluable for me as a teacher. It helps me plan and prepare my lessons from day to day, and I feel better knowing that personal opinions are eliminated in the assessment of pupils. I love that I am able to access good, graphic presentations of data, which enables me to provide clear feedback to pupils and parents and communicate with my colleagues within the school,” says Helga Falch Johannessen at Øren School in Drammen. She is the main teacher for class 7a, and also teaches mathematics and science in other classes. She has a background in biology and made the leap to teaching just three years ago.

Conexus Engage has the school’s full support

The points of improvement highlighted in Conexus Engage makes it possible to adapt lessons in a given time period.
“For example, I could identify pupils who need to work on a specific course for four weeks to bring them up to the level where they need to be. I think my background means I have an above average interest in numbers and data, and mathematics is a subject that is especially well suited for that. I can see, however, that everyone in our school benefits from these tools. As we have been using Conexus Engage for a while now, we are able to compare current data with past data and see development over time,” she says.

The facts provided by Conexus Engage eliminate the need for personal assessment

“In our day-to-day activities, it’s easy to think that my impression of a pupil is accurate. Since using Conexus Engage, I regularly have lightbulb moments that adjust my perception, in both directions. If any of our pupils are struggling, and I need to communicate this to others within our school, it’s easy to do this in an accurate way.”

Strong collaboration between Øren School and Conexus

The tools provided by Conexus are customized for teachers, and in the development and implementation stage, close communication is essential.
“We have been in close contact with Conexus. They invite us to submit suggestions for improvements all the time, and they are very receptive and easy to work with,” Helga says.