Meet Memir

Connecting and empowering learners
– to learn on the go anytime, anywhere.


Our Solution


Engaging Learning

On the go or In collaboration

  • During your transit to work, watch a 5-minute video on Creative Writing
  • Explore endless learning opportunities by browsing the catalogue
  • Join physical courses, or interact with your fellow learners

Tailored content

  • Fine-tuned courses and microlearning hand tailored for you
  • Get an overview of current and previous learning opportunities by looking in to "my learning"


Create unique content​

  • Import existing documents, videos, SCORM packages, or create content yourself​
  • Make forms from scratch *quiz/survey/poll with highly adjustable configuration​

Publish the content you have created​

  • By publishing created content you are allowing others to use this content to create a new course​
  • Put together hand-picked content to be used in a course or microlearning

Course Management

Build a learning opportunity

  • Tag learning opportunities for categorization and targeting matching audience​
  • Nominate( suggest) users to partake in newly created courses ​
  • Publish the learning opportunity to the catalogue ​

Administer course​

  • Get an overview over attendees, track learning progress and assignments​
  • Waitlist learners and discover that your course needs a recuring run



  • Let's users plan for their own upcoming learning curriculum
  • Evaluate strengths and areas of improvement through a Learning Needs Analysis
  • Aspire to grow through learning


  • Manage the staffs learning plan for a better overview of their learning and growth
  • Deploy corporate strategy in development plan and view the organisational progress

Strategic Insights

Track progress​

  • You can track activity and progress on various areas, such as attendees, learning progress and personal growth​
  • Keep a good overview over staffs learning progress​
  • Monitor the effect of your learning activities


  • Portray informational analytics in your customizable dashboard with updated data​
  • Monitor your own learning with graphs
  • Get insights on the usability and relevance of your courses to evolve content portfolio