Our Competencies

Maintaining a position as a vendor and forefronter of competence development requires continuing internal structured competence development. Conexus are building this as a culture. The way we work.

All new services are the result of structured knowledge enhancements from governmental policies and regulation to international research over a wide range of areas. The services of Conexus have over 20 years been a result of collaboration with customers, research institutes and collaborating technical partners, ensuring high relevance, usability and reliability in our products.

Through tight collaboration with our customers we are getting valuable insight into the needs of our users and how to optimize the processes to best match the purpose. All Conexus services are established in cooperation with our customers.

To continuously provide valuable and actionable insight to our customers, we collaborate closely with international researchers such as Thomas Nordahl, Louise Stoll and Andy Hargreaves on numerous international research projects.

Conexus maintains relationships with numerous technical partners ranging from the standard organisations like IMS Global Learning Consortium to the world’s largest hosting providers. Conexus utilises the partnerships continuously to ensure the best suitable technology is deployed.

Conexus collaborates on a number of government funded research projects for the purpose of ensuring that our solutions evolves continuously. Conexus take pride in being in the forefront of the learning analytics space.

Conexus delivers it services on best suited technology and architecture, delivering high stability and top performance while maintaining you information safe and secure.

A Word From Our Users


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