Government Funded Research Projects

Conexus collaborates on a number of government funded research projects for the purpose of ensuring that our solutions is current but evolves continuously. Conexus take pride in being in the forefront of the learning analytics space. This includes research areas such as pedagogy, ethics, technology and organisational change. Further information about this may be given on request.

Our recent and ongoing projects are:

  • UPSKILL – a research project on job and skill matching for competence development with SimulaMet, OsloMet & USN, Norway as partners
  • The role of students in data-informed decision making – a project on how data informed decision making can affect student achievement with University of Twente, Netherlands.
  • Early intervention – a project on utilising harvested progression data on competence development to detect need for intervention at early stage.

Interviews on Deep Learning

Here you'll find clips from fresh interviews with professional educators and students from all round the world. You will see excerpts from interviews with educational researchers such as Andy Hargreaves, Viviane Robinson, Louise Stoll and many more, as well as school leaders, teachers and students. The interviews focus on what kind of actions and mindsets that promote deep learning and higher levels of well-being among the different educational stakeholders, especially the students. Fresh videos with different topics and interview objects will be uploaded on a regular basis. We hope you enjoy these little pieces of insight into the nature of learning and find them applicable in your own learning work!