Technical Partners

Orient Software Development

For more than 15 years Conexus have been collaborating with OSD for the development of our service. Today, Orient is Vietnam’s Number 1 software development company and our trusted partner.

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Novian Technologies

Novian Technologies is heavily focused on critical IT infrastructure services, supercomputers, open-source cloud technologies, document digitization, and data storage and archiving, and provide continuous maintenance and support services that require high qualifications.

Conexus collaborates with Novian on IT-infrastructure maintenance and application monitoring.

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Pulsesecure (now acquired by Ivanti) connect industry-leading unified endpoint management, zero trust security and service management solutions to provide a single pane of glass for enterprises to secure and heal devices, and service end users.

Conexus collaborates with Pulsesecure on securing our services for your protection of the data and service availability.